Monday, November 28, 2016

The problems of an elite bodybuilder

Many athletes fail to apply nutritional practices to optimize their athletic performance; factors include lack of thorough knowledge on nutrition or lack of skills for preparing meals and even less access to healthy foods due to busy lifestyles and frequent travel. Nutritional education for athletes must be practical, in order to cope with the strategies of food and fluid choices that help achieve the goals in their discipline.
The strategies that avoid the problems of an elite bodybuilder can achieve a number of nutritional goals at the same time are very useful, because athletes often have difficulty integrating separate issues; for example, athletes in need of extreme nutrient or nutritional problems should seek an individual assessment and advice from a sports nutrition expert who is up to date on what science says and have positive effects on the body and mind the same.
Training programs and competition of elite athletes often incorporate long trips across multiple time zones, raises the transient fatigue known as "jet-lag" that persists for several days. This is due to the disruption of circadian rhythms of the body, where the diurnal rhythms and performance are displaced, depending on the direction of travel and the number of time zones crossed during a flight. 
The attention to diet and hydration is relevant for the flight and after landing until the reset is complete the new meridian; In addition, the consequences of the "jet-lag" in the rhythms of digestion may be aggravated if food preparation and hygiene are inadequate in the fields of training or competition venues abroad.
The irony of travel is often put athletes at greater risk of failing to meet their specific nutritional purposes or succumb to the disease, at a time when the demands or performance results are of utmost importance. In addition, gastrointestinal infections related to travel are frequent; here, meticulous planning and organization among the support staff before the trip is recommended to avoid any problems that arise.
Similarly, athletes often need special education initiatives to help address the challenges of a new and unusual food supply or impaired access to food. On the other hand, during the holidays should be smart, taking advantage of the food choices or the famous healthy drinks that can also stimulate even the most boring of athletes.
To avoid the problems of a bodybuilder elite, the plan must counteract abuses in the schedule where "curiosity if kill the cat", keeping the 8 hours of sleep, avoiding contact with stressful people and sacrifice be in a wonderful place, leaving aside those curiosities to hold off the routine.

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