Monday, November 28, 2016

Why you can not lose weight

The process of losing weight is not easy nor fast; motivation, commitment, determination and mental attitude is needed, but above all to encourage proper nutrition from the spirit, mood, and physical fitness. In short, it should make sacrifices or the sports world calls, "No Pain, No Gain"; what happens is that during the planning of objectives, many have the best of intentions but very often give up to lose weight when they see their desires are almost impossible to achieve in the day.
Then, discouragement and obstacles begin to emerge; It seems to have tried everything to achieve the goals, and everything seems unattainable, but it is not absolute when we talk about body composition. This time, we will focus on four important reasons why you can not lose weight and constitute failure for a weight loss process, including reducing body fat.

Overeating at night

Ideally, you should eat more food during the day and microscopic at night; the body works much better when digested and completely assimilated meals, and this does not happen with the excesses of the evening, because no proper metabolization of food you eat will influence markedly in the body over the following weeks. The advice then is to select the best integers that are enjoyed and exploited with every bite, accompanied by water, or enjoy some healthy snacks, specially designed for evenings.

Eating foods that cause swelling

Swelling of the stomach makes the body look fatter than it is, what is related to the "false fat." This stems from poor or irregular digestion, or which cause such reactions (food "reactive"), which are eaten very often; then what should be done is to avoid, to reduce inflammation and inhibit the accumulation of body fat.

Eating too much food without chewing well

Follow this habit puts a strain on the digestive system. Thus stomachaches, bloating, swelling and heaviness develops. Do not know how to combine foods in a lunch or dinner, can be fatal for metabolism and appetite hormones. Honestly, it is ideal to mix a different ratio of nutrients and calories as vegetables, lean protein, fish, nuts, some low-sodium broth or added sugars, cakes made with wholesome ingredients like oatmeal, protein powders or egg, accompanied various fruits.
Chewing can cause adverse reactions even in food; teeth and saliva are the primary factors of digestion; Here, the solution is to learn to eat slowly, chewing slowly and well, in a serene environment, which will favor the central nervous system itself and the digestive system.

Do not take advantage of the anabolic window

To conclude and find out why you can not lose weight we should talk about something like nutrition pre-, inter- and post-workout; even the nutrients that detoxify the body metabolize fats and allow other nutrients go into muscle cells at the right time. While all know this, many, many bodybuilding and fitness enthusiasts athletes do not and of that group, a significant percentage do not even know. This inhibits the possibilities for improving body composition and reduces the chances of losing body fat.

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