Monday, November 28, 2016

Eating certain foods together helps the body absorb the necessary nutrients

The absorption of nutrients is one of the many miraculous actions that makes the body behind the scenes to stay healthy, but most importantly in this fall season is knowing that eating certain foods together helps the body absorb nutrients, especially when to use them for muscle growth in the case of following a training plan.
Luckily, one of the best ways is to create synergy in the plate to ensure a nutritious meal, ensuring that you have a minimum of three colors and contains healthy fats (avocado, olive oil or nuts). Now it's a matter of inventing flavors and create an anabolic combo, so to speak, because the dietary supplement can do wonders in the body.

Eggs and salad

Typically, you would start by setting up a good base of green leaves, then a layer of colorful vegetables like tomatoes and carrots. This is a great start, but serves to help the body absorb more of the nutrients packed into this potpourri; the secret would be to add a boiled egg that is the element in this combo.
A small study published in May 2015 in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition concluded that the addition of eggs to salads makes it easier to absorb the carotenoids in raw vegetables. Carotenoids are pigments that give yellowish red color carrots and tomatoes; two of the most famous are beta-carotene and lycopene that, besides giving us these beautiful colors, are also beneficial phytonutrients that help fight inflammation, which opens up another avenue of support muscle recovery in the post-workout.
For this study, researchers gave a mixed raw vegetable salad without eggs to 16 participants, comparing the absorption of carotenoids with a salad with boiled eggs. At the end of the experiment, the absorption of carotenoids was 3.8 times higher when the salad included three eggs compared the salad without eggs, opening a paradigm of the compounds of the egg and synergy with these phytonutrients.
Another study done at Purdue University (independent scientists related to the sale of eggs), confirmed that the results hold, as the scientific mechanism behind this phenomenon is well documented in other studies. This is the fat of the yolk which is responsible for raising the intake of nutrients and naturally an oil made of egg salad; you can even achieve the same goal.

Black pepper and turmeric

If you add a little turmeric curry in a traditional dish, we should make sure that you can put some black pepper also.This combination makes curcumin, the pigment in turmeric which has anti-inflammatory properties is more readily available in the body for access; one study showed that the alkaloid pepper increases the availability of curcumin by 2000%!
This allows us to enhance the regeneration process and muscle hypertrophy; although this kind of surprises does not tell us books on bodybuilding and fitness, it's time to think about this striking combination in our meals.

Black beans and peppers

Eat something rich in vitamin C, like red pepper; it helps convert iron "non-heme" of plant foods and other fortified foods in a chemical form that promotes absorption of the vitamin. The another kind of iron is the "theme" only found in meat and seafood; therefore, the significant benefits and flavor of black beans give perfectly with this type of peppers.
Red peppers contain capsaicin active, perfect for those who want to lose weight and treat muscle pain natural complement; Vitamin C also well absorbed will be essential to break free radicals that appear after a hard training bodybuilding.

Whey Protein

Whey Protein helps to increase your muscle mass. It has no side effect and you can easily gain your desired position in the bodybuilding arena. To know more about whey protein you can read this article "Gold standard whey review".

Yogurt and the sun

To those who say that eating certain foods together helps the body absorb the necessary nutrients it will seem very strange to want to join the powers of yogurt with some UV rays, but if you want to take advantage of all present in the dairy product calcium, is required of some vitamin D, which is a primary adjuvant for absorption in the intestines.
Since most people do not get enough sunlight to produce vitamin D themselves, it would be interesting some mornings enjoy the autumn sun and eating a yogurt enjoying nature. Here is given other 6 necessary nutrients list. You can also check it here.

Hyponatremia and health of the athlete

Athletes should be aware that, due to their increased activity and excessive sweat production, are actually at risk of having the little sodium in your blood stream during training or competition. Diets high in sodium have recently been linked to some health risks, notwithstanding the sodium for athletes must be a principal for those who train hard and, in fact, have special requirements sodium topic.
The moments that sodium is required before, during and after a training session; this is even more critical during a competition where many physical and emotional variables are handled where hyponatremia and health of the athlete are strongly associated.

The risk of hyponatremia

Hyponatremia, a low concentration of sodium in the blood (which is more developed in warm, humid conditions in winter) usually develops with sweat; for example, it is seen mainly in endurance events such as triathlon, where it is always observed that sodium concentrations are very low after much effort.
Here, the appropriate balance of sodium is necessary for the transmission of nerve impulses and muscle function and even a slight decrease this concentration can cause problems. An athlete who only replaces the lost fluid with water will contribute to reducing sodium in the blood and this case it is best to consider a glass or bottle with a little salt water to make up the body.
This often occurs in the bloodstream of an athlete who only hydrates with water during excessive sweating; the result is hyponatremia and therefore the industry has worked hard pair create the best drinks replacement codes and other minerals, as athletes can lose 2 (or more) grams of salt per liter of sweat and 1 liter (or more) sweat every hour. Replacing this loss of sodium during an event is critical to performance and safety of the organism.
The early warning signs of hyponatremia and health of the athlete are often subtle and may be similar to dehydration, as the onset of nausea, muscle cramps, disorientation, slurred speech, confusion, and inappropriate behavior. At this point, many athletes get into trouble by drinking water because they think they are dehydrated; in fact, water alone will increase the problem of hyponatremia and in the most extreme an athlete may experience seizures, coma or death.

Treatment of hyponatremia

At the first sign of nausea, muscle cramps, disorientation, an athlete must take a sports drink containing sodium or eat salty foods. If possible, an athlete should plan ahead and estimate their fluid loss and the need for sodium replacement during their training or competition activities and stay on a schedule predetermined hydration; if symptoms are extreme and cróinicos, the solution is to go to a medical professional.
But the best way to treat hyponatremia and health of the athlete is to avoid such problems planning ahead what you want to do; is what we speak, so the advice and recommendations include:
  • Weigh yourself before and after training.
  • As there are no guidelines around the world, it is important that an athlete understands your individual needs fluids.
  • Using sodium drinks during long distance events or high intensity.
  • Eat salty foods before and during competition / training, if possible.
  • Increase salt intake by 10 to 25 grams per day, several days before a race. The sodium concentration allows additional hydration with water keeps the system balanced so that the dilution of sodium does not occur in the blood.
  • Avoid using aspirin, ibuprofen, and other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents, as they may increase the risk of hyponatremia.
Like many triathletes or athletes from various disciplines taking these medications, they should be aware of their detrimental effect on performance. Chronic use of these drugs often mask warning mechanisms to pain and injury; then issues can pass higher in what refers to hyponatremia and health of the athlete.
Keep in mind that all athletes respond differently to exercise manner; the fluid and sodium needs will vary accordingly. A general recommendation about 1 gram of sodium per hour of high exercise intensity and could use some foods such as some noodle soup or chicken, cucumber, cheese, crackers or tomato juice, among others.

The problems of an elite bodybuilder

Many athletes fail to apply nutritional practices to optimize their athletic performance; factors include lack of thorough knowledge on nutrition or lack of skills for preparing meals and even less access to healthy foods due to busy lifestyles and frequent travel. Nutritional education for athletes must be practical, in order to cope with the strategies of food and fluid choices that help achieve the goals in their discipline.
The strategies that avoid the problems of an elite bodybuilder can achieve a number of nutritional goals at the same time are very useful, because athletes often have difficulty integrating separate issues; for example, athletes in need of extreme nutrient or nutritional problems should seek an individual assessment and advice from a sports nutrition expert who is up to date on what science says and have positive effects on the body and mind the same.
Training programs and competition of elite athletes often incorporate long trips across multiple time zones, raises the transient fatigue known as "jet-lag" that persists for several days. This is due to the disruption of circadian rhythms of the body, where the diurnal rhythms and performance are displaced, depending on the direction of travel and the number of time zones crossed during a flight. 
The attention to diet and hydration is relevant for the flight and after landing until the reset is complete the new meridian; In addition, the consequences of the "jet-lag" in the rhythms of digestion may be aggravated if food preparation and hygiene are inadequate in the fields of training or competition venues abroad.
The irony of travel is often put athletes at greater risk of failing to meet their specific nutritional purposes or succumb to the disease, at a time when the demands or performance results are of utmost importance. In addition, gastrointestinal infections related to travel are frequent; here, meticulous planning and organization among the support staff before the trip is recommended to avoid any problems that arise.
Similarly, athletes often need special education initiatives to help address the challenges of a new and unusual food supply or impaired access to food. On the other hand, during the holidays should be smart, taking advantage of the food choices or the famous healthy drinks that can also stimulate even the most boring of athletes.
To avoid the problems of a bodybuilder elite, the plan must counteract abuses in the schedule where "curiosity if kill the cat", keeping the 8 hours of sleep, avoiding contact with stressful people and sacrifice be in a wonderful place, leaving aside those curiosities to hold off the routine.

A powerful crude protein in one bite

Fish sushi is the essence of the protein in its purest and simplest form; that is why this dish is an excellent substitute for chicken breasts and canned tuna. This recipe becomes one of the most known standard Japanese fast food; even if someone has not been proven, they have at least heard his name. The popularity and price make the sushi is the victim of many misconceptions so that we will include salmon, mackerel, and seaweed into the sushi combo anabolic made in rolls. To know more about crude protein read here.
The sushi roll is a perfect food for the nutritional balance offered at each meal, it contains high - quality protein, complex carbohydrates, and vegetables, but we consider as a great crude protein in one bite. Even when the sushi is prepared with varieties of fattier fish such as tuna or salmon, it contains at least 200 calories per 115 g per serving, while shrimp and octopus contain only 100 calories for a similar portion.
Fish is also rich in nutrients such as B vitamins, Omega 3 fatty acids, and minerals such as selenium, potassium, and zinc. If you factor "raw" in creating doubts, you can also use cooked fish, but some nutrients are lost during the cooking process. What if we have to know is that not all sushi made of raw fish, as this is called "sashimi," which is a rice ball below called "nigiri" while the sushi rolls them the called "maki."
While the sushi in their version of "sashimi" is healthy, it should be part of the diet plans bodybuilding, but many Japanese-western restaurants offer sushi that is not healthy because they add processed ingredients that do not match a dominant crude protein in one bite.

Rice, seaweed, and ginger

The sushi rice is an excellent source of complex carbohydrates. Also, it contains niacin, protein, thiamin and iron; It is better to use brown rice if desired to increase the number of nutrients. The seaweed used to wrap sushi rolls "nori" is an excellent source of vitamin C, B vitamins, iodine, calcium, iron, and protein; on the other hand, spicy ginger ( "gari") is used to cleanse the palate, while promoting digestion.
Combine sushi with wasabi sauce or horseradish, better known as the "hot" green sauce, lots of vitamin C is added to the dish. In short, all the reasons are valid because the excellent source of protein (with all essential amino acids), healthy fats (omega-3) and complex carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins reduce the chances of outbreaks of disease, strengthens the cardiovascular system and it promotes as any other natural food protein synthesis, facilitating the absorption of nutrients to the muscles, reducing the catabolism at the right time, which makes sushi a dominant crude protein in a single bite, especially at dinners autumn .

The power of sushi to promote hypertrophy

While other fishes such as cod, herring, mackerel, and sardines are the protein and fat power at the same time depending on the diet of the bodybuilder, however, these do not occur naturally EPA obtained from the algae that accompany sushi, except that traditional fish dishes is added.
Keep in mind that different proteins have various physiological effects, compared to soy or casein for example.Probably everyone knows that code (such as your liver oil), as well as cold-water fish, show an exciting performance when ingested as cited in a study with rodents where insulin responses to proteins such as casein was tested, the soybean and cod.
  • The rodents were compared with a control group who ate a regular diet.
  • The high-fat diet resulted in insulin resistance, specifically in the musculoskeletal system when casein or soy proteins consumed, however, cod protein prevented the development of insulin resistance.
Interestingly, the benefits of cod were not related to changes in body weight or fat mass, which means that there is something unique about the peptides or proteins cod resulting in a higher rate of glucose uptake stimulated by insulin. This makes specific fish proteins and makes them superior to those made from milk or soy.

Why you can not lose weight

The process of losing weight is not easy nor fast; motivation, commitment, determination and mental attitude is needed, but above all to encourage proper nutrition from the spirit, mood, and physical fitness. In short, it should make sacrifices or the sports world calls, "No Pain, No Gain"; what happens is that during the planning of objectives, many have the best of intentions but very often give up to lose weight when they see their desires are almost impossible to achieve in the day.
Then, discouragement and obstacles begin to emerge; It seems to have tried everything to achieve the goals, and everything seems unattainable, but it is not absolute when we talk about body composition. This time, we will focus on four important reasons why you can not lose weight and constitute failure for a weight loss process, including reducing body fat.

Overeating at night

Ideally, you should eat more food during the day and microscopic at night; the body works much better when digested and completely assimilated meals, and this does not happen with the excesses of the evening, because no proper metabolization of food you eat will influence markedly in the body over the following weeks. The advice then is to select the best integers that are enjoyed and exploited with every bite, accompanied by water, or enjoy some healthy snacks, specially designed for evenings.

Eating foods that cause swelling

Swelling of the stomach makes the body look fatter than it is, what is related to the "false fat." This stems from poor or irregular digestion, or which cause such reactions (food "reactive"), which are eaten very often; then what should be done is to avoid, to reduce inflammation and inhibit the accumulation of body fat.

Eating too much food without chewing well

Follow this habit puts a strain on the digestive system. Thus stomachaches, bloating, swelling and heaviness develops. Do not know how to combine foods in a lunch or dinner, can be fatal for metabolism and appetite hormones. Honestly, it is ideal to mix a different ratio of nutrients and calories as vegetables, lean protein, fish, nuts, some low-sodium broth or added sugars, cakes made with wholesome ingredients like oatmeal, protein powders or egg, accompanied various fruits.
Chewing can cause adverse reactions even in food; teeth and saliva are the primary factors of digestion; Here, the solution is to learn to eat slowly, chewing slowly and well, in a serene environment, which will favor the central nervous system itself and the digestive system.

Do not take advantage of the anabolic window

To conclude and find out why you can not lose weight we should talk about something like nutrition pre-, inter- and post-workout; even the nutrients that detoxify the body metabolize fats and allow other nutrients go into muscle cells at the right time. While all know this, many, many bodybuilding and fitness enthusiasts athletes do not and of that group, a significant percentage do not even know. This inhibits the possibilities for improving body composition and reduces the chances of losing body fat.